GCL Elections 2020 Board of Directors

Dear Fellow GCL Members,

         The month of May is quickly approaching and with it the election of your Board of Directors. If you or someone you know has been a GCL member for at least one-year, Congratulations, as you and they are eligible for nomination/election to a seat on the Board. Each year, 7 of the 21 seats are open for consideration of all nominees who are willing to commit 3 years as a board member.

        If you have an interest in helping the club, please consider running for the GCL Board of Directors. And if not running for a seat please make your voice heard by casting your ballet at the General Election before 6 pm on May 14, 2020. 

        As with every club your GCL needs people in professional services with experience in business management, property management, project management, contract management, legal, accounting and Leadership. GCL’s future will be secured through the collaboration and active participation of its youthful generations. 

        Interested persons need to submit a bio/resume along with a digital photo by April 3, 2020.

       Contact Ron Speicher       23shadyrest@gmail.com

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