Hunter Safety Course Information

All registrations for the Hunter and Bow safety classes held at GCL are now handled thru the on-line registration system of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation web site ( Search the DEC website for the key words “Sportsman Education” or “Hunter Education” and follow the links.

PLEASE NOTE: All Sportsman Education Courses require the completion of homework PRIOR to attending the course. Proof of the completed homework must be brought to the course led by an instructor. The homework may take several hours to complete. There are NO ‘online-only’ courses. Homework and the in-person instruction portion of the course is required for all New York courses.

Copies of the manuals and homework “work sheets” may be obtained on-line thru the DEC website or picked up in person at GCL on Saturday or Sunday from Noon to 3 pm. The homework “work sheet” is found in the middle of the New York edition of Today’s Hunter” safety manual.

Sportsman Education classes held at GCL are typically on Thursday and Friday nights; you must attend both classes and be on time! Again, to be admitted to the class the first night, you need to have completed the homework and submit proof of completion (from the on-line course) a copy of it to the instructors.


NYS Dep. of Environmental Conservation – Sportsman Education

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